Hans Karl Peterlini

Hans Karl Peterlini engaged for decades as journalist and author on the history and political present of South Tyrol. He studied and worked at the Universities of Innsbruck and Bozen-Bolzano. Since 2014 he has been Professor of General and Intercultural Education at the University of Klagenfurt. His research focuses on learning and living together in ethnicised and migrant societies.

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The South Tyrol Way

The South Tyrol Way

In lively language, Hans Karl Peterlini guides us through the recent history of South Tyrol. He illuminates the developments and key events, including the fighting in the First World War, the option and Italianisation of the country under the fascists, the political efforts for autonomy and the bomb attacks. Furthermore, Peterlini tells the stories of the people of South Tyrol, their economies, cultural creations and lifestyles, their misunderstandings, and achievements in reconciliation - right up to the present day.
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